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Are SteelSeries Keyboards Good?

Next up on our list of brands is SteelSeries – one of the better-known names in computer gaming and have been since 2007.

In computer terms that’s basically like being 100 years old.

Are SteelSeries keyboards worth having?

Yes, SteelSeries keyboards are good and can be used for both gaming and basic office work too. This blog post was written on a SteelSeries gaming keyboard that I also use for work-related writing.

SteelSeries also claim to have the fastest mechanical gaming keyboard on the market right now.

Are SteelSeries keyboards better than other brands?

The quality of build and functionality of a SteelSeries keyboard is on-par with a Corsair or Logitech gaming keyboard, for example.

But their products focus on entry and mid-level keyboards and not the top end of the market in the same way that Corsair does.

Is SteelSeries a good brand?

SteelSeries is a good brand and manufactures a wide range of gaming accessories including keyboards, headsets, mice, gaming controllers, and mouse pads. 

The company’s original name was ‘Soft Trading’ when their only product was mouse pads. 2007 rolled around and they rebranded to become ‘SteelSeries’ because that obviously appeals more to their target customer. 

They claim to have created the first-ever mechanical gaming keyboard back in 2006 but the problem is that Razer makes the same claim.

Do SteelSeries keyboards work with Mac?

Yes, the basic functions of any wired SteelSeries keyboard will work with an Apple Mac thanks to the USB interface.

Advanced functions such as control of the RGB lighting or macros for the keyboard will not work without the use of third-party software.

Do SteelSeries keyboards work with Linux?

Yes, you can use any wired SteelSeries keyboard with a Linux system if you only need basic functionality. Advanced functionality will require the use of third-party software which is obviously not supported by SteelSeries.

But then if you’re running a Linux gaming rig you probably don’t need customer support.

Do SteelSeries products have a high failure rate?

While SteelSeries keyboards appear to be very reliable and have a low failure rate, some of their other products, such as their wireless headsets, appear to have had a number of technical issues over the years.

Speaking from my own experience, my SteelSeries keyboard has served me faithfully for 12 months now. I just wish their RGB lighting configuration software (SteelEngine) was a bit more flexible.

Logitech’s G-Hub software is far superior, in my opinion.

The irony is that I ended up buying a SteelSeries keyboard for my writing work because the Logitech gaming keyboard I bought had a dead key.

Image of SteelSeries keyboard courtesy of DeviLockz.

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