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Are Corsair Keyboards Good?

There are lots of big name gaming peripheral companies out there and they all make the same basic promise – their gear is better than the other guys’.

But how can you tell if they’re telling the truth?

We do all that work for you 🙂

So, are Corsair keyboards worth having?

Corsair Gaming has only recently started manufacturing computer keyboards, with its first mechanical gaming keyboard reaching the market in 2014. 

Corsair mechanical keyboards are among some of the most popular and highly rated ones that you can buy, but also some of the most expensive and are designed purely for gamers. 

The downside of owning Corsair products is they’re not a specialist manufacturer of keyboards – they make anything they think that gamers will buy.

Nothing wrong with that approach, but they are a generic gaming brand.

Are Corsair keyboards better than other brands?

Corsair mechanical gaming keyboards are obviously going to be better than a cheap gaming keyboard from a  no-name brand that costs $25.

Most of those cheaper gaming keyboards are all glitter and no gold. 

Corsair keyboards are designed for a single purpose – playing games. So that means you can’t fairly compare them to other home office-type keyboards and claim that Corsair keyboards are better – you need to compare Apples with apples. 

With that said you can use a Corsair keyboard for day-to-day use – just like the SteelSeries I’m typing this on.

Is Corsair a good brand?

Corsair is a US-owned company that has been in business since 1994, all the way back in the earliest days of the home computing market. 

What Corsair was best known for in the early days of personal computing though was memory components – specifically RAM (Random Access Memory) chips. Today, many of the high-end gaming rigs you’ll find for sale online or in-store use Corsair memory products. 

Corsair Microsystems had already been in business for 20 years by the time they released their first mechanical gaming keyboard in 2014, which means they’d had decades of manufacturing experience by that time.

And it shows in the quality of the keyboards they sell.

Do Corsair keyboards work with Mac?

Yes, the basic functions of any wired Corsair keyboard – rubber dome or mechanical – will work just fine with your Mac. But Corsair’s iCue software and other drivers can only be used on PC.

Do Corsair keyboards work with Linux?

Yes, you can use any wired Corsair keyboard with a Linux system if you just want to use the keyboard to type. But if you want to use the more advanced features of your Corsair

Do Corsair products have a high failure rate?

Why do you see people saying things like, “Stay away from Corsair keyboards” on Reddit or other sites?

Usually because a small number of people experienced technical issues with a specific model of keyboards and have no decided that all Corsair keyboards are garbage.

Do Corsair keyboards fail?


Is there failure rate higher than the average across computer peripherals?


Popular Corsair Gaming Keyboards

Here are some of the more popular Corsair keyboards that you can buy right now.

Corsair K60 Pro

The K60 is the entry-level for a wired Corsair mechanical keyboard, coming in under the $100 price point.

You get a full sized keyboard with Cherry switches, RGB backlighting (of course),  and all of this wrapped up in a brushed aluminum frame/chassis with 100% anti-ghosting as standard.

Corsair K70 Pro

The wired Corsair K70 is designed for gamers who take their online sessions seriously. It comes with Cherry MX switches as standard, very fast polling, double-shot keycaps and a palm wrest for those longer gaming sessions. 

Oh, and you obviously get RGB lighting and iCue software as standard. 

But you’re paying well over $100 for the right to own one of these.

Corsair K100

And then right at the very top of the Corsair wired gaming keyboard pile is where you’ll find the Corsair K100 RGB.

So you get the usual iCue RGB lighting setup and drivers, fast polling and all the other good stuff you’ve come to expect from Corsair.

But what sets this keyboard apart from others is the use of opt-mechanical switches – so your key presses pretty much happen at the speed of light. 

And you get that nice comfy wrist rest as standard too. It might seem like a trivial thing but wrist rests designed for a specific keyboard always just seem to feel like the perfect fit.

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