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Can Keyboards Get Viruses?

“Can keyboards get viruses?” This thought might pop into your head if your keyboard starts acting strange. A virus is malicious software that sticks to any program or …

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Computer Keyboards

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Can You Use Any Keyboard and Mouse for Gaming?

So, you enjoy gaming but you’re wondering if a gaming keyboard and mouse is worth your hard-earned cash? That’s a good question. But the answer isn’t as simple as you might imagine. And in this article we’re going to cover the types of questions you need to ask yourself before you drop several hundred dollars

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What Keyboards Do The Fastest Typists Use?

When you’re trying to develop or improve an existing skill it’s always a good idea to look at how others achieve their results. In the case of typists, that means looking at both physiological and ergonomic factors (how they sit, position their hands etc) but also the type of equipment they use. Like their keyboard

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Computer Mice

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