Are Cherry Keyboards Good?

Yes, Cherry keyboards are worth the cost. They can feature different types of keyboard switches that allow you to tailor your typing or gaming experience.

Mechanical keyboards are perfect for those who prefer more responsive keys and a more clicky experience. And Cherry are among the very best keyboards on the market.

There’s a reason why pretty much every mechanical keyboard you can buy today features Cherry switches.

Are Cherry keyboards worth having?

Cherry is a German brand that was founded in 1953, so we’re talking about the BMW of computer peripherals.

Cherry keyboards might not be popular with the gaming community but they love Cherry switches. Programmers and data entry specialists love their keyboards by default.


Because they’re accurate, provide a tactile response and can provide decades of faithful, flawless service.

There’s a core of Cherry keyboard fans who are still using models they bought in the late 1980s, and these keyboards still work as well today as they did then.

Are Cherry keyboards better than other brands?

That’s a difficult question to answer because Cherry are as well known for their keyboard switches as their actual keyboards.

If you can think of a mechanical keyboard model it almost certainly uses Cherry switches.

So while Cherry keyboards might not be as good as high-end gaming keyboards from companies like Razer or Steelseries, those same keyboards wouldn’t exist if Cherry switches didn’t exist.

Is Cherry a good brand?

Cherry is definitely a recognized and much loved brand of computer peripherals. 

In 1983 they developed and launched their iconic MX Switch, which quickly became a benchmark for other keyboard switches to be measured against.


Put simply, Cherry has remained relevant over the past decades due to its quality and highly durable products.

Do Cherry keyboards work with Mac?

Yes, your Cherry keyboard is compatible with your Mac via a USB-type connection. All its mechanical functions work just as well as in other operating systems.

However, Cherry’s app that allows you to edit the Macros, customize the function row, and RGB is very limited for Mac devices.

Do Cherry keyboards work with Linux?

Yes,  you will be able to use your Cherry keyboard on your Linux computer, but you’ll need third-party software to access the customization options.

However, if customization isn’t a big deal to you and you’re just looking for a keyboard that gets the job done, you’ll find that Cherry keyboards are a plug-and-play affair when it comes to any Linux distro I can think of.

Do Cherry products have a high failure rate?

There are now documented cases of Cherry keyboards or switches experiencing a failure rate above the average for consumer computer peripheral products.

If anything, Cherry would seem to have one of the lowest failure rates in the industry because some people have been using the same Cherry keyboards now for anywhere from 10 – 30 years.

Cherry logo source.

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