The 5 Reasons Why Your Cat Loves Sitting On Your Keyboard

So there you are sitting at your computer and trying to work.

Your cat has, however, decided yet again to make themselves nice and comfy on your keyboard, preventing you from getting anything done.

Cats sit or walk across keyboards for a number of reasons – it’s a mixture of looking for free heat and wanting you to pay attention to them. So while it might feel like an interruption, it’s really just their attempt at social interaction with you.

But let’s break it down into individual points

1. Free heats!

Cats love snuggling up to anything warm. In fact, they can tolerate temperatures up to 126° F – a temperature humans would find extremely uncomfortable.

They’re also very good at detecting sources of heat – like your laptop.

So why would they bother curling up to generate heat when the source of their food (you) is also sitting beside a “box” that gives off free heat?

The fact that you might just pet them while they’re there is just an added bonus.

2. Look at me hooman!

You’ve spent hundreds of dollars on cat beds, scratching posts, climbing frames and other gadgets.

What makes you think your cat wants any of that?

They want to be involved with whatever you’re doing right now.

Your cat also knows your attention is focused on the laptop and not on them.

So they sit in the way of your attention.

There’s also the tactile sensation of when they walk across a keyboard – this is obviously something they simply enjoy the feel of.

Cats also tend to dominate the space they’re in – they own you and not the other way around.

3. They’re a copycat

Even domesticated cats are hunters – it’s hardwired into their DNA.

Which is why they’ll occasionally leave you a “gift” of a dead mouse or bird.

Hunting means stalking.

And that involves a lot of sitting very still and staring at something until they’re ready to pounce.

Cats have infinite patience when it comes to hunting.

So when you sit staring at your laptop screen, usually at changing images or a moving cursor your cat probably thinks you’re hunting.

And they simply want “in” on the game because they love to hunt too.

4. Conditioning

Although it’s tempting to simply accept that your cat likes sitting or walking on your keyboard, that’s not a solution.

You’re telling them it’s now “Okay” for them to do that.

Conditioning them in the process.

This can be made even worse if you give them a treat or snack every time they come sit on your keyboard.

That then tells them that “Sits on keyboard = tasty eats”.

So you’re training them to come annoy you every time they’re hungry.

Or to do the same thing when they want some attention.

5. Other reasons

There’s one other reason for cats sitting around your laptop or desktop computer.

They’re formulating their plan for world domination.

Which is far more likely, if we’re being honest here.

How to fix cat sits

Okay, so now you know what might be causing your cat to set up home on your computer keyboard…what can you do about it?

Cats need mental and physical stimulation as much as dogs do.

That’s why you should interrupt their interruption with some activity.

Go play with them for 10 or 15 minutes until they decide that they’re bored with you and have more interesting stuff to do.

It also gives you a break from work, so your cat will feel satisfied and you’ll get a nice shot of endorphins.

It’s a win-win for everyone.

Another option is to create a space for them near where you work – like a snug little bed or box they can chill out in while keeping an eye on you.

And every time the sit on your keyboard move them to their new cozy space beside you instead.

They’ll eventually associate the bed you made for them as the way to get affection, attention and heat so will sit there instead.

Summing it up

You might find it beyond infuriating when your cat sits on your keyboard or decides to walk across it.

But this is your cat is literally screaming, “I want to be around you while you’re doing whatever that is!”

So find a middle ground that works for both of you.

Like playing with your cat before you work so they’ve had enough of you for at least a few hours.

Or train them to sleep on a bed underneath your screen(s) but away from your keyboard.

There are ways to solve this problem – just find the one that works best for you.

But just don’t tell the cat I said that.

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