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Should I Get A Tenkeyless Keyboard?

The tenkeyless keyboard is the latest innovation in gaming and typing technology, one that seemed to appear out of nowhere.

You might have heard people talking about this type of keyboard, but you had no idea what they were talking about. I didn’t when I first heard the term.

While there are tons of keyboard options to choose from, the tenkeyless keyboard provides a design that allows you to reclaim some of your desk space without affecting your ability to type.

So in this article we’re going to cover what a tenkeyless keyboard is and where or not you’ll benefit from owning one.

What is a tenkeyless keyboard?

Offering a balance between functionality and size, tenkeyless keyboards give you a lot of extra space on your desk, so you have more room for your mouse and other items.

Typically consisting of 87 keys, it comes minus the number pad – hence the name – makes the keyboard physically smaller and handier.

Separated in variations such as 87%, 75%, 60%, and 40%, it refers to how much smaller your tenkeyless keyboard of choice is when compared to the width of a full-size keyboard.

Since most people rarely use the number (I mean when is the last time you used it?), getting rid of the extra keys may actually be a relief as it allows the mouse to be much closer to their hand when typing – you won’t have to do nearly as much reaching.

That means less stress on your wrist and forearm, and a better overall ergonomic position.

A tenkeyless keyboard still comes with the function and arrow keys as well as the home cluster, so gamers won’t feel completely lost.

These keyboards are extremely portable and light (depending on what they’re made from) but the average user may need some time to get used to its strange key sizes and placement.

Your body has spent several years typing in a certain position, so you could find that it takes a little bit of getting used to for you mouse to be a lot close to your right hand than you’re used to it being.

But if you are looking to save on size and price and find no problem in having the keys being closer together, then a tenkeyless keyboard is probably a good match for you.

Should I Get A Tenkeyless Keyboard?

A tenkeyless keyboard will suit anyone looking for a smaller form factor in a keyboard, one that’s more ergonomically friendly while still offering all the functionality of a standard keyboard.

For those who spend a considerable amount of time on their computers, an enhanced typing experience, awesome build quality, and the flexibility that allows us to customize are some of the reasons why these keyboards are popular right now. Here’s our quick list of reasons why you might want to make the switch to a tenkeyless model.

Better Positioning and Form

Unless you are an accountant, the absence of the number pad on your computer keyboard won’t bother you or be in any way significant.

Since a tenkeyless keyboard is designed to be much smaller and lighter than its full-sized predecessor, it has benefits for both gamers and anyone using this type of keyboard in their day-to-day work.

Improves Mouse-To-Hand-To-Keyboard Proximity

While it may not seem like a factor for some, this highly effective keypad makes the simultaneous use of your mouse and keyboard more comfortable particularly when you’re on the computer for long periods.

Considered as essential by users that need to have their hands on both the mouse and the pads at the same time, a tenkeyless keyboard allows you to place the mouse a few inches closer which is highly beneficial for people who were not gifted with huge, shovel-like hands.

Provides more desk space

Apart from providing you with enough room for taking notes and the occasional snacks and drinks, working with a smaller keyboard provides better accuracy and movement which is important for a lot of professional gamers and anyone who does a lot of data entry for a living e.g. coders.

Not everyone wants a big, bulky keyboard with an entire set of keys they’ll never use.

Comes With Removable Cables

While it is a common feature in most tenkeyless keyboards, being able to detach its cable makes it a lot easier to make replacements once your old one gets all worn out.

This make it a better for traveling as it allows you to pack the cable separately, switching cables for aesthetic purposes just got more simple and fun.


A tenkeyless keyboard is physically shorter and typically designed for gamers. So that means durability because it’s either a pseudo-mechanical or full-blown mechanical keyboard.

It’s also made from either high-grade plastic or aircraft-grade aluminum in keyboards that cost more than around $100.

Basically, tenkeyless keyboards are built to last through the anger tantrums of irate gamers, so they’ll do just fine in any office environment.


Since a tenkeyless keyboard uses fewer components to manufacture, they are priced a bit lower than their full-sized peers.

While the price difference may not be as big as you expect, the increase in comfort and functionality that it brings makes it worth every cent.

Depending on your typing wants and needs, a tenkeyless keyboard can enhance both your work and gaming experience.

Unless you find yourself pounding on your numpad for work night and day, there is no reason why you shouldn’t get a tenkeyless keyboard.

Wrapping things up

A tenkeyless keyboard can actually make a lot of sense when you look at it objectively.

They’re physically smaller, designed to stand up to multiple months of intense gaming, so that means a comfortable typing experience.

An additional perk is that many of the modern tenkeyless keyboards also feature either static or dynamic backlighting, so they look pretty cool too.

That’s why you’ll see them on the desks of coders all over the world.

I“FILCO Majestouch Tenkeyless (brown switch)” by 아침놀

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