Are Redragon Keyboards Good?

Yes, Redragon keyboards are worth buying if you want a mechanical keyboard with modern features and without breaking the bank.

When you take a look at Redragon’s product range, you realize that there are affordable options (less than 50 bucks). For these prices their keyboards are worth the money.

Are Redragon keyboards worth having?

If you’ve been doing your research on which new keyboard to buy, you may have heard about Redragon’s products.

This brand is relatively young, at least when compared to the competition. They have been making computer peripherals and accessories for a little over a decade.

If you’re on a tight budget, a Redragon keyboard is a good entryway to gaming peripherals – you get pretty much all of the looks and most of the performance.

Are Redragon keyboards better than other brands?

Redragon’s build quality is reasonable for the prices of their products. You can find higher-level entry mechanical keyboards like the ones from SteelSeries, but you will have to pay a little more.

If your expectations for a gaming keyboard aren’t very high, and you just want customization, hot-swappable keys, and programmable macros, Redragon is a great entry-level option.

Is Redragon a good brand?

Redragon is actually the gaming division of Eastern Times Technology, one of the leading keyboard and mouse manufacturers in China since 1996.

Redragon is a good brand to start with if you want peripherals with a gaming focus. 

Their early keyboard models were more traditional, but in recent years they have been aiming for more innovative and modern keyboard designs to keep pace with their competitors 

Overall, Redragon offers a very similar experience to higher-end mechanical keyboards with RGB lighting, just at a lower price point and minus the brushed aircraft aluminum finish.

Do Redragon keyboards work with Mac?

Yes, Redragon mechanical keyboards work with Mac, but you’ll need to go into System Preferences to get things working properly.

Also, Redragon’s software isn’t directly compatible with macOS, so your keyboard will work but you’ll have to make do with basic functionality.

Do Redragon keyboards work with Linux?

Yes, Redragon keyboards are compatible with Linux, but only in its basic functions.

Redragon does not offer software for controlling advanced features, like macros, or technical support for Linux users.

Are Redragon keyboard durable?

Redragon’s keyboards and other peripherals offer decent quality at low prices. This means that users can access mechanical keyboards without paying an arm and a leg.

But you’ll have to accept that the cheaper price means that the performance and materials of their products aren’t at the same level as a Razer or Steelseries keyboard, for example.

The keys are described as having a “Cherry MX feel” but their keyboards work with Outemu switches. The main difference between these two is durability and response speed. 

In summary, Redragon keyboards open the door to new users who want to take their first steps with mechanical keyboards, but if you are looking for a long-term investment, consider paying a few extra dollars.

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