Are Microsoft Keyboards Good?

Microsoft doesn’t just develop software and operating systems, they also offer a range of pretty good computer keyboards too.

In fact, Microsoft was the first company to release an ergonomic keyboard…even though their primary business is software.

Are Microsoft keyboards worth having?

Yes, Microsoft keyboards are worth buying because you’re getting a product from an established brand name that are manufactured to a high standard. They can be used for  office work and even for casual gaming, with a mix of wired and wireless models available. 

However, if you’re looking for a mechanical keyboard with that old-school feel, a Microsoft keyboard isn’t your best alternative because they’ve never bothered developing products for that market.

Are Microsoft keyboards better than other brands?

Microsoft keyboards are clearly aimed at office use. Ergonomics and minimalist aesthetics are their hallmarks, so you can count on a functional and professional-looking device for your clean and tidy workspace.

On the other hand, Microsoft keyboards are not comparable with the gaming models by other brands, since it’s not really part of their business model. 

This means that you will not find keyboards in its product range with RGB backlight or Macro programmable keys like the ones you can get from Razer, Corsair, SteelSeries, etc.

Is Microsoft a good brand?

Microsoft may not be known primarily for its peripherals, but it is a leading peripherals brand. 

The Microsoft Natural was the first ergonomic keyboard to hit the market in 1994, and until 1998 it sold more than 3 million units. That’s a whole lot of ergonomic keyboards sold long before they were cool.

This means that they’re not just a bunch of software developers, but they know how to build great hardware too. We can see that quality in its peripherals such as keyboards, mice, and headphones. And people of a certain age might even remember the Microsoft Zune, arguably a far better MP3 player than the iPod, but just didn’t gain any real following in the market. Even though some people still use them today – the Zune is now something of a cult classic.

Do Microsoft keyboards work with Mac?

Yes, any Microsoft keyboard works with your Mac as long as it has a USB or Bluetooth connection.

Keep in mind, though, that you may have to remap some functions, as many keys are intended for Windows functions. The Windows key on Mac is Command, for example.

Do Microsoft keyboards work with Linux?

Yes, Microsoft keyboards work fine with Linux, only some shortcuts won’t work and you will experience reduced technical support.

For Linux, in many cases support is based on community collaboration. But if you are a regular user you probably already knew that.

Do Microsoft products have a high failure rate?

Although Microsoft keyboards have proven to be very competent under the demands of a work environment so should have no higher a failure rate than other similar keyboards in their price range.

So, if you’re looking for a keyboard to work with that feels good to the touch, you’ll find plenty of options in the Microsoft range that will meet your needs. 

On the other hand, if what you need is a gaming or programming keyboard, you might be better off with a Razer or SteelSeries keyboard instead.

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