Are HyperX Keyboards Good?

HyperX is a brand that has become very popular in recent years and its keyboards have steadily been making a name for themselves

They leaped from selling PC parts to gaming-oriented peripherals a few years ago, and in all this time have been marketed as “THE brand for gaming accessories.”

But how is that of their range of keyboards?

Are HyperX keyboards worth having?

HyperX is a good mid-level RGB lighting mechanical keyboard brand.

In the HyperX product range, we can find small 60% form factor mechanical keyboards, up to full 100% keyboards with media controls. So there’s something for every setup. 

Overall the build quality of HyperX keyboards is pretty decent, and they offer customizable and clicky keyboards.

Are HyperX keyboards better than other brands?

HyperX was part of Kingston’s gaming division, a company founded in 1987 that became popular for its RAM memory modules.

So, even though it sounds like some kind of mass-manufacted knockoff brand, you’re actually getting a gaming keyboard made by some of the better known computer companies in the world i.e. Kingston and now HP (note below).

Since 2002, HyperX has become a well-known name in the gaming world, primarily through its sponsorship of several of the world’s leading eSports teams and its presence in major tournaments. In 2021 it was acquired by HP.

Today their range of keyboards is varied, but they mainly focus on customizable mechanical keyboards.

Do HyperX keyboards work with Mac?

Yes, all HyperX keyboards are compatible with Mac devices. However, you’ll need to do some quick tweaking in macOS system preferences first to get the most from your experience

To configure the keyboard correctly, you will need to swap the modifier keys. Also, HyperX utility software is not available for Mac, so you will need to opt for third-party software.

Do HyperX keyboards work with Linux?

Yes, HyperX keyboards work on Linux, but only the basic functionalities.

There’s no tech support or utility software available, so macro creation and key programming are off the table.

Do HyperX products have a high failure rate?

HyperX is a pretty solid brand name and you won’t be disappointed if it is your first mechanical keyboard or if you are not such a keyboard enthusiast. But just understand that you get what you pay for. They do get thousands of positive reviews online, so that’s something to consider too.

But for more demanding gamers, their performances may not be good enough. 

Although, higher demand is going to require a larger investment so keep that in mind before you make an impulse purchase.

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