Are ASUS Keyboards Good?

The next computing giant that we will talk about in our articles on computer keyboard brands is Asus.

ASUS is one of the leading manufacturers of computers, laptops, motherboards, and peripherals on the market. Its products are high-end and are aimed at more demanding users.

Are ASUS keyboards worth owning?

Yes, Asus keyboards are computer peripherals worth owning. Asus offers products for all types of users, from someone who is just looking for a comfortable keyboard to work with, to the most die-hard gamers who can enjoy Asus gaming lines.

Asus has been popularly known for offering high-fidelity and durable laptops. But in recent years, they have focused on strengthening their high-end offshoots – the ROG series, and the TUF series, which includes keyboards.

Are ASUS keyboards better than other brands?

The quality of Asus keyboards is undeniable. Asus is often compared to Acer, since they both offer a similarly large catalog of highly functional devices.

However, products derived from the ROG (Republic of Gamers) series are aimed at the most demanding users.

We can find Asus ROG keyboards comparable to high-end Razer keyboards. If you are looking for a keyboard that comes with lighting configuration software and has a modern and professional look, the keyboards from the ROG division are worth taking a look at.

Is ASUS a good brand?

Asus is a Taiwanese brand that has built its reputation on high-performance and reliable devices. This manufacturer attachesh great importance to the customer experience and maintaining customer trust.

Over the years, Asus has received awards and recognitions that demonstrate the quality of its products.

When you look at all the options available in its range of keyboards, You can see there are models for everyone. There are mechanical keyboards, scissor keyboards, and modular keyboards, and you can even customize the keys to your liking.

Although you will also notice that their products are not cheap.

Do ASUS keyboards work with Mac?

Yes, as long as you have a USB port available, Asus keyboards have full MacOS support and with MyASUS you can remap the keys and customize them.

Through this software, you can also modify the RGB lights and the Macros-programmable keys.

Do ASUS keyboards work with Linux?

Yes, your Asus keyboard is compatible with Linux.

Asus ensures that they constantly collaborate with Linux so that all its peripherals have compatibility and support with this operating system. So they offer all the drivers you need.

Do ASUS products have a high failure rate?

Asus keyboards seem to have a low failure rate, as well as other peripherals such as mice.

In the past years, various studies have ranked Asus as one of the computer manufacturers with the lowest failure rate.

So Asus’s keyboards seem to be very reliable, and their utility software offers enough customization and key configuration options.

In the different divisions of keyboards there are multiple options, from more conventional models for office work, to keyboards with more modern designs for intense gaming sessions.

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