Are Amazon Basics Keyboards Good?

Since 2009 Amazon has offered a range of electronic accessories under the Amazon Basics brand.

This was an obvious choice for Amazon to make because they’ve sold other company’s keyboards now for almost 20 years so they know what sells and what does not.

If you are a thrifty buyer are these keyboards an option that you should consider?

Are Amazon Basics keyboards worth having?

Amazon Basics keyboards are a good buy if you’re looking to spend as little as possible and just need a keyboard with basic features.

If you don’t have any specific demands and don’t mind boring designs, Amazon Basics has low-priced keyboards that will generally get the job done i.e they’re very “basic”.

Amazon Basic keyboards are only available in membrane models, although Amazon might expand their range to include a basic mechanical keyboard.

Are Amazon Basics keyboards better than other brands?

The build quality of the Amazon Basics keyboards is decent considering the prices. Again, if you’re not a regular writer, just looking for a basic peripheral, or are a student or freelancer looking to save a few bucks, these keyboards will work just fine.

However, Amazon Basics keyboards lack some features such as customization or backlighting.

If you think you need a higher-end keyboard for your work, you might want to look into options from Logitech or Microsoft.

Is Amazon Basics a good brand?

Amazon Basics are a good brand so long as you manage your expectations in terms of what you get. These are entry-level products designed for people who don’t have a lot of money to spend.

With that said, Amazon Basics products are satisfactory within the low price range. Of course, you can’t expect very fancy keyboards with sophisticated features, but in general, they do the job a keyboard should do.

Despite being very inexpensive, its peripherals are not flimsy looking, but they are very low profile. So you’re not going to  find accessories with outstanding designs.

However, people who opt for Amazon Basics aren’t looking to build a fancy, colorful setup.

This brand has two key selling points:  functionality.and price.

Do Amazon Basics keyboards work with Mac?

Yes, Amazon Basics keyboards can be connected to a Mac via its USB interface and Bluetooth connection for wireless models.

However, you will have to go into System Preferences on your Mac to program and tweak some keys.

Do Amazon Basics keyboards work with Linux?

Yes, the basic functions of these keyboards work well with any Linux distros I can think of.

But keep in mind that some keys in the function row and some shortcuts will not work.

Do Amazon Basics products have a high failure rate?

In the past few years, Amazon Basics products have reported a high failure rate .

Although cheap does not necessarily mean low quality, my personal recommendation is to get an Amazon Basics keyboard if you need a temporary setup or if you will use it sporadically.

However, Amazon offers one-year warranties for its own brand products so you have some peace of mind when buying one.

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